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Is there a single open source library which contains API calls for each brokers to do common functionalities like, get price ticks, submit orders?

for ex)

buy("MSFT",33); //will send buy order to Interactive Brokers, MBtrade etc.

Basically I am looking to run some algorithm trades to multiple brokers.

Is there an existing solution out there?

paid ones would be okay too.

preferably Java or cross-platform support.

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Algo-Trader and Tradelink are a couple of platforms that provide the capability to connect to multiple brokers and data providers using a single programming interface.

If you want to check out a paid option you can check out Openquant or RightEdge - both provide a month's free trial.

There are quite a few trading platforms out there but only you'll be in a position to decide which one best fits your needs.

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Quickfixj is an open source FIX engine for Java

Cameron is a commercially available.

I have worked on both of them so I can recommend them but you have to evaluate each one for your needs before you decide on one. There are multiples of them available, just google for a FIX engine.

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Also there is Tradelink and CEP Trader

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