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I'm looking at Lua WSAPI, for the first time. I've not seen any Lua scripts or web applications projects, are they around already?

I assumed it was because Lua WSAPI is so new, but I really don't know.

I'm looking for a web directory indexing script, are any FOSS prime-time ready scripts available?

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I don't quite have samples of projects using WSAPI only, they mostly use the Kepler Project as basis.

The Sputnik wiki engine is built on the Kepler Project (examples of sputnik running.

In the sources there are some small samples of how to use Kepler.

Myself I've written an open source multilingual library management system in Lua/Orbit, Lua bib. It's not really 100% finished, but does work (also with LuaJIT ;)).

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You can alternatively get rid of WSAPI and try http://ophal.org, which is ready to run on Apache, Nginx, Lighty and any other web server that supports CGI/FastCGI.

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