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I wanted a combo box in data grid which i added using the following code behind

DataColumn dc;
DataGridNS.DataGridTemplateColumn dgc = new DataGridNS.DataGridTemplateColumn();
dgc.Header = dc.ColumnName;
dgc.Width = 100;
dgc.IsReadOnly = true;
DataTemplate dtm = new DataTemplate();
FrameworkElementFactory outer = new FrameworkElementFactory(typeof(ComboBox));
dtm.VisualTree = outer;
dgc.CellTemplate = dtm;

i want to bind an array to this combo box. how do i do that. This code is in a seperate function where i add columns to data grid and my string array is in seperate function/class.

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To bind a list to a ComboBox you need to set the ItemsSource, or Binding a List to the ItemsSource. Here in this example I set directly the ItemsSource :

 MyCombobox.ItemsSource = new List<int> {2, 3, 4 ,5, 6};
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