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I want to extract text which has no tag.

The HTML looks something like like this:

<a href="">hello</a>

I want this text

<strong>not this</strong>

How do I get that text?

I am thinking I can read it into a string and then search for the parts in the <a> and <strong> tags but don't know how to write it.

p.s. I have checked thoroughly and there is no <div>, <b>, <p> or any other tags. It hangs just like that.

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You can filter the text nodes that contain a sibling. If they have a previous or next one, then you know it's a node you want.

Dim query = doc.DocumentNode                           _
    .DescendantNodes                                   _
    .OfType(Of HtmlTextNode)                           _
    .Where(Function(t) t.PreviousSibling IsNot Nothing _
                OrElse t.NextSibling IsNot Nothing)
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