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How Do I wire this class in Spring.

1) Annotation 2) Xml

note: I can already wire other classes just not sure how to wire a class in this scenario

Class<? super Client >

enter code here

public class ClientData2 extends ContainerClass<Client>
  public ClientData2(Class<? super Client> type)
        throws IllegalArgumentException
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If you have a bean of type Class, it's the same as everything else - with @Autowired / @Inject (and optionally @Qualifier)

How to create such a bean? Multiple ways:

  • xml - using factory-method="forName" and constructor-arg passing java.lang.Class
  • using a FactoryBean that produces Class objects
  • java config

However, it is is a bit strange that you need a Class object as bean - you can't inject any dependencies in it. Perhaps you can simply inject the class name (with @Value("${}")) and then use Class.forName(..) in a @PostConstruct method.

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I prefer the <value type="java.lang.Class">java.lang.String</value> approach (where java.lang.String.class is the needed class object). – ash Apr 21 at 3:31

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