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for my autosuggest functionality I need to colorize the excerpts in

if I search something like "sa" the suggester gives me thefolowing

Samsung satire sata e-sata ...

Now what I'd like from my function is that it highlights - wraps the "sa" needle (all occuracies) qith a desired html tag.

like Samsung satire sata e-sata

  • It should be utf8 safe
  • It should preserve the capitalization
  • it should ignore HTML

On the PHP site I found a function that does the replacement and keeps the capitalization... I modified it so it's utf8 friendly...

function ext_str_ireplace($findme, $replacewith, $text) { 
    // Replaces $findme in $subject with $replacewith 
    // Ignores the case and do keep the original capitalization by using $1 in $replacewith 
    // Required: PHP 5 

    $rest = $text; 

    $result = ''; 

    while (mb_stripos($rest, $findme) !== false) { 
      $pos = mb_stripos($rest, $findme); 

      // Remove the wanted string from $rest and append it to $result 
      $result .= mb_substr($rest, 0, $pos); 
      $rest = mb_substr($rest, $pos, mb_strlen($rest)-$pos); 

      // Remove the wanted string from $rest and place it correctly into $result 
      $result .= mb_ereg_replace('$1', mb_substr($rest, 0, mb_strlen($findme)), $replacewith); 
      $rest = mb_substr($rest, mb_strlen($findme), mb_strlen($rest)-mb_strlen($findme)); 

    // After the last match, append the rest 
    $result .= $rest; 

    return $result; 

It works

ext_str_ireplace("sa", "<b>sa</b>", "Samsung");

untill I pass some html code into it

$text= '<p class="red">A client is an application or system that accesses a service made available by a server. </p>';
ext_str_ireplace("cl", "<b>cl</b>", $text);

of course the function will replace the "cl" string in "

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possible dupe of… – mario Nov 26 '11 at 9:50
Thanks mario.... I used the solution from the answer bellow and added something from your link ........+ I added utf8 flag, to be safe..... return preg_replace('/('.$expression.')(?=[^>]*(<|$))/iu', '<b>$1</b>', $text); – DS_web_developer Nov 26 '11 at 10:39
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   function keywords($text, $words)
        if (sizeof($words) == 1)
            $expression = preg_quote($words[0]);
            foreach ($words as $key => $word)
                $words[$key] = preg_quote($word);
            $expression = implode('|', $words);
        return preg_replace('/('.$expression.')(?=[^>]*(<|$))/iu', '<strong>$1</strong>', $text);


keywords('Samsung', array('sa', 'ng'));
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How does this solve my problem? It is not utf8 safe + it doesn't skip html markup – DS_web_developer Nov 26 '11 at 9:49
Ok, I used your solution and added an assertion as mario suggested in another answer..+ I added a u flag for utf safe...........return preg_replace('/('.$expression.')(?=[^>]*(<|$))/iu', '<b>$1</b>', $text); – DS_web_developer Nov 26 '11 at 10:41

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