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I have a number of docs with following structure.


Whenever a user logs in I want to show him all URLs except those which are linked to hi, my map function does

 for(i in doc.users_linked){ emit(doc.users_linked[i],doc.url); }


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If I understand it correctly, given an user with id==USERID, you want the inverse of querying your view with key=USERID.

The only solution I know, is to do two queries to the view you provided:

  • first get all "previous users" with: endkey=USERID&inclusive_end=false
  • then get all "following users" with: startkey=<USERID+1>.

I'm assuming from your sample document that userids are numerical.

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I figured out that this is the potential solution but doesnt it make the whole thing inefficient ? –  Akshar Prabhu Desai Nov 26 '11 at 15:21
It's hard to say without further details. The rule of thumb I use is: keep it as simple as possible, and design your app for change. Fix performance problems when they became problems. –  Marcello Nuccio Nov 28 '11 at 10:34

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