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I need to find position or full text of the tag using lxml.html. For example:

[some html code] </body > [some html code]

I need to return: </body > OR position of this text.

How can I do that? Code below doesn't work.

page = fromstring(html)
for s in page.findall('.//body'):
    print s.tag, s.text, s.attrib
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It is not clear what "position or full text of the tag" means. </body> is the end tag of the body element. And what is position? Do you mean line number? –  mzjn Nov 27 '11 at 16:07

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I have defined a python function below which will search for given string in the given file and prints the line number and the line content when the string is found.

def find_position(word, file):
    line_number = 0
    for line in open(file):
        line_number += 1
        if word in line:
            print "%d - %s" % (line_number, line)

Here word takes word to be searched as a string and file takes path of the file as string. I have given example below.

find_position("body", "/home/user/page1.html")


24 - <body>
28 - </body>
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