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I'm implementing a script that adds images to a page from a folder. The errors i'm getting are as follows:

Warning: sort() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in C:\xampp\htdocs\mysite\design.php on line 25


Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:\xampp\htdocs\mysite\design.php on line 26

the original script used ereg, which i then replaced with preg_match, but there are still problems, someday i will learn what all of these functions are actually returning.

thanks in advance. i have the feeling there is duplicate, but i haven't found it yet.

$dir = "../mysite/images/";
$dh = opendir($dir);
while($filename = readdir($dh))
    $filepath = $dir.$filename;
    //pregmatch used to be ereg. which function is best?
    if (is_file($filepath) and preg_match("\.png$",$filename))
        $gallery[] = $filepath;
foreach($gallery as $image)
    echo "<hr>";
    echo"<img src='$image'><br>";
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Your preg_match is missing delimiters:

            ^      ^

Also you need to add this before your while loop:

$gallery = array();
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$dir     = "../mysite/images/";
$gallery = glob($dir."/*.png");
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+1, why reinvent the wheel. –  codaddict Nov 26 '11 at 10:58
Nice one. I've never encountered that function before. Good to learn it exists. –  Daren Chandisingh Nov 26 '11 at 11:05
what does this do differently? –  expiredninja Nov 26 '11 at 21:22

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