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I have some proprietary algorithm that I want to use it on the client side for which I zeroed on doing it in C++ ( using XPCOM in Mozilla and Native Code in Google Chrome ) compared to doing it in Javascript. Can I be sure that it would be very very difficult to decompile ( although possible ) the plugin compared to that for Java and Javascript

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Any compiled C++ code can be disassembled. There is for example The Interactive Disassembler which does a pretty good job to visualize the logic of a disassembled application and simplify understanding the code. Somebody who has disassembling experience won't have any problem digging up any secrets you might want to hide in this code - if that's what you are asking. Generally, hiding any secrets on the client side is a bad idea.

Btw, a note: you shouldn't use binary XPCOM components, use js-ctypes instead which will be simpler in all respects.

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