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Phonegap storage documentation speaks only about how data can be added to the app via code. I want to push a compiled database (say Directory of phone numbers) to the PhoneGap app. Is it possible?

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AFAIK, you cannot push a compiled DB.

What you can do is to include the content of this database as a SQL file in your app, load it in ajax and use phonegap executeSql function to populate the DB.

This would of course only need to run once.

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Yes, that is what I was thinking too. But not as Ajax, but to have the entire SQL dump. Was looking for more elegant solution. –  Alagu Nov 27 '11 at 18:58
Since the implementation of WebSQL (or its version) may vary from browser to browser, this is the most elegant solution. Having a compiled DB would garantee some compatibility troubles. –  Benoît Pointet Nov 29 '11 at 6:10

You could also just export the DB to a text format (CSV or JSON), and depending on the size and how/what you are querying, either load it in memory or add it to the localStorage (or SQL) in the target PhoneGap framework...

The only other way I see this happening is by using CouchDB - a NOSQL DB that has support for Android/iOS/PhoneGap - which can also synchronize a local DB with a remote one (all magic!) thus allowing your remote phone numbers to change and still to be updated (incremental) at your client.

Hope this helps

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