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It seems like such a simple thing, but I can't find any obvious solutions...

I want to be able to take two or three feeds, and then merge then in to a single rss feed, to be published internally on our network.

Is there a simple tool out there that will do this? Free or commercial..

update: Should have mentioned, looking for a windows application that will run as a scheduled service on a server.

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There are a whole pile of options here: http://allrss.com/rssremixers.html.

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Maybe http://www.planetplanet.org/ will do what you want.

It's for creating blog aggregations like planet lisp.

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Planet Planet is very nice if you want to turn the RSS feeds into a single website. It can be set up in 20 minutes or so once you have Python installed. –  emk Sep 17 '08 at 13:00

Google reader, create a group, add your feeds into the folder and then share that as an RSS feed.


Works while you're asleep!

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Yahoo Pipes could be nice. Depends on how much "private" you want the resulting feed to be.

For 100% offline solution investigate Atomisator. It's a Python framework basically for doing offline what Yahoo Pipes does online.

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If you're using PHP, the SimplePie library will do this. Here's a tutorial.

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