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I've created C# project, which includes several Forms.

I tried my project on different machines and forms are displayed too large on some machines while small on others.

So they do not fit to screen size automatically.

What should i do to display each form in proper way on different machines with different screen size,different display card and different resolution.......?

I googled and found that control.dock property can solve this problem but dock property does not allow to manage/move controls where i wish on form.

And i think almost all programmers have faced this problem.

So please provide the best option available.

Thank you all.

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Have you looked into anchoring controls... I would build a form based on the smaller size form, then set the anchor properties so when the form is resized to a larger, the controls remain in same relative position as smaller, yet your code does its own thing as normal.

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The easiest solution is to build your form with the smaller size possible as said by DRapp and enable form to be resized and maximized. In order for the controls to be nicely and rightly placed, use a TableLayoutPanel to place your controls and play with the docking properties.

See my answer here.

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