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My action looks like:

public String add() {

   return "/WEB-INF/views/add.jsp";

In this case I need access to a posted form field parameter. Once I receive the posted parameter value, I will save it to the db and then return an http response code of 200 if there are no errors. If an error has occured, I will return HTTP 500 response code.

How can I set the http response code in the return (instead of the view unless I can do both?).

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Assuming this is a @RequestMapping-annoted controller, then just declare the form field as a parameter:

public String add(String myformFieldName) {

To return an explicit status code on the response, then declare the response and set it:

public String add(String myformFieldName, HttpServletResponse httpResponse) {
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Does spring inject the parameters, just unclear how just adding the parameters like HttpServletResponse/Request get injected into my action? –  Blankman Nov 26 '11 at 13:49
As always with Spring, it relies on a hefty amount of magic to auto-inject this for you. –  kaqqao Jul 7 '14 at 14:32

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