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I have an applet tag which I'm using like this:

#{applet steps: 250, "world": "tutorials/", "req_onetime": "red_ant,5,8&red_ant,6,6&red_ant,5,4&red_ant,3,4&red_ant,2,6&red_ant,3,8"}

and the applet.html file is apart from html etc:

<applet ...>
#{if _steps}<param name="steps" value="${_steps}">#{/if}

Can I have something like:

foreach passed param write '<param name=$1 value=$2>'

I know this isnt that important because the server/applet api should be well defined anyway... but since there are 10-20 parameters I have to pass, a short foreach would be easier to read anyway :-)

Is this possible without writing a somewhat complicated FastTag?

Thanks, Alex

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I think their is no way to iterate over the passed parameters (at least no documented way), but you can use a map or a list.

Map<String, String> map = new HashedMap<String, String>;

#{list items:map.keySet(), as:'key' }
    <param name="${key}" value="${map.get(key)}">

I think the key-set looses the order you put your values, so if you need to keep your order take a list.

List<NameValuePair> pairList = new ArrayList<NameValuePair>;
pairList.add(new NameValuePair("steps", "250");

#{list items:pairList, as:'pair' }
    <param name="${}" value="${pair.value}">
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