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I have a web game in JavaScript.

I send scores and achievements with AJAX during the game.

So anyone can view the source code, copy this request and cheat on my game.


  • Any idea of how prevent this?
  • With a token from server (I never used this system)?



$.post('ajax/score.php', {pseudo: $pseudo, score: $score, achiev: $achiev},
    function(data) {


if (isset($_POST['pseudo']) &&
    isset($_POST['score']) && 
    isset($_POST['achiev'])) {
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Only get method can possible,but not in post are using a post method,may be it will helpful -… – devtut Nov 26 '11 at 14:06
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As the game is client side, there is no way to ensure that they do not "cheat". There are ways to make it more difficult.

  • Have all calculations performed serverside, and send back tokens...this may not be possible/feasible for your game.
  • Change the code served each time so that it will require more time to "decipher" all the requests.
  • Obfuscate the code...this is only a deterrent.
  • Have "tokens" sent during the game to see if the data matches (for example you can't win the racing game in 5 sec)...this too can be spoofed.

As long as the game is client side, it cannot be "secured".

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