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I'm working on an application for my distributed system laboratory course. I have a working ant buildfile that runs multiple targets. My modus operandi currently is to open terminal windows (linux) and run separate ant targets.(with a Logger) what i would need is the possibility to:

  • run and debug the project with the ant buildfile in eclipse
  • open multiple eclipse consoles (or maybe eclipse remote systems - local shells), one per ant target

i found a very good answer/solution here:

but i didn't get it all together. i read the oracle tut for jar file creation and tried to write a manifest file, i guess creating a java launcher is really basic knowledge, but it didn't work.

could someone please describe, how to implement the solution by "VonC" in detail ( or share a better/similar/more "simple" one?

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You don't need to create your own jar. What the solution is talking about is setting up an Eclipse launcher from an ant target.

A tutorial on how to set it up:

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thanks for the fast feedback. i now have a new run configuration with: Main class: VM arguments: -Dant.home=${resource_loc:/usr/lib/eclipse} -f ${workspace_loc:/VerSysA1/build.xml} (program args are defined in the buildfile) and classpath user entries: ant.jar / ant-launcher,jar before default classpath. the only problem now is this error log: Variable references non-existent resource : ${resource_loc:/usr/lib/eclipse} org.eclipse.debug.core (i even tried referencing the libraries manually) how could that be? any suggestions? – con Nov 26 '11 at 18:15
maybe i should add that i checked in advance that the jar is really at this location. – con Nov 26 '11 at 18:25
Try the solution proposed here for the error you are receiving. – vishal Nov 26 '11 at 20:12

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