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I am making a .htaccess file with various mod_rewrite rules. At the moment, one of my rules is

RewriteRule ^blog /directorypath/index.php [L]

but when you type in http://www.mysite.com/blogfjdkkfnfdjn, it still loads the blog page.

Basically, I am looking for the regex for it to load the blog when JUST `/blog` is typed in and nothing else

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If you access your blog via /blog or /blog/ then I would use

RewriteRule ^blog/?$ /directorypath/index.php [L]
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You can use:

Redirect permanent /blog /directorypath/index.php

If you need a temporary you can use: 302 instead of permanent


RewriteRule ^blog/?$ /directorypath/index.php [R=301,L]

If you need a temporary you can use: R=302

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Add the $ character to the expression

RewriteRule ^blog$ /directorypath/index.php [L]

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RewriteRule ^blog$ /directorypath/index.php [L]
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