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So, I’m working on a project for my company that involves allowing users the ability to create their own web pages. So for example the real content managers that know what they are doing make all the mains pages. Then a user can make their own page describing what they do and share items with others. Now the catch is that these users have zero and I mean zero experiences with making web pages. The goal would be for me to make like 10 templates they can choose from and then they could drop and drag in the thing to make the webpage. I have looked at items like Ektron and other CMS systems, but the price is per user and our user’s number in the thousands. Short of making an entire custom CMS with an easy to user WYSIWYG editor, is there anything out there that could help? I know there are WYSIWYG editors, but I’m just trying to get some ideas. Also, I have used DNN and though it can do everything, I think it’s too complicated for my group.



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Clarification: Ektron offers several licensing models, some of which are for unlimited users. Additionally, membership users (authenticated visitors to your site) are different than cms users (typically employees of your company). Membership users are always unlimited. – Doug Domeny Jun 3 '09 at 18:24

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How about a wiki? confluence is decent imo.

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I agree. A wiki sounds more appropriate. – Stefan Kendall May 6 '09 at 4:50
Ok, so I as first was going to say that Wiki doesn't seem like a good solution, but this product looks very interesting. – Jojo May 6 '09 at 13:55

tinymce is great and easy to implement. Wordpress uses it.

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How about OpenWYSIWYG... (Opensource :) ). I haven't try that but seems worth to check..

I am not sure that a Wiki is a solution for your scenario. But if you think so MediaWiki is another useful product.

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TinyMCE is quite a good WYSIWYG editor, with an extensible plugin architecture.

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Personally I'd avoid OpenWYSIWYG; the documentation is not great and it hasn't been updated in a while.

I'd suggest looking at the YUI Rich Text Editor

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You are asking for a "massive websites factory". Not all the CMS have been designed for such business cases.

Note that your requirement is classic but not trivial. Personnalized websites of thousands of users is note without causing performances issues if not well managed (both in edit and browsing modes).

So you should focus at the CMS designed for such requirements and rather those designed for supporting heavy loads.

I can recommend Jahia (, see the feature "my portal", pricing not based per user:

I agree that's certainly not the only one designed for webfactory (even if my favorite!) but you can have a look at the online demo and make your opinion.

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