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I'd like to set up catalog price rules discounts based on SKU.

However when I go to 'manage attributes' and try to edit SKU to 'use in Promo Rules: yes'. I get an error saying that SKU is a system reserved atrribute.

I have already changed the SKU attribute to user_defined=1 under eav_attribute table, but the message still appears.

It seems this was possible in earlier version of magento but not 1.6?

Any help is much appreciated.

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I took a guess and managed to fix my own problem.

I had set SKU attribute to user_defined=1 under eav_attribute table earlier on along with every other attribute. I had assumed setting them all to '1' would make life easier in the future. However, setting SKU user_defined to 0 via phpmyadmin, actually allowed me to make the changes I wanted.

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