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I have a parent GridView that is bound to an EntityDataSource with a child DetailView. The child DetailView is bound to the parent by an EntityDataSource, with a ControlParameter as WhereParameter that points to the parent GridView.

When a user selects a row in the GridView, the DetailView is updated with the correct values.

The views are in an UpdatePanel and by entering a value in a TextBox, the user can search through records from the parent GridView. When a user selects a record in the parent view (say row index 1), the child is updated. But if the user starts a search now, the row on index 1 gets a different SelectedValue, so the DetailView is updated.

I want to persist the SelectedValue when a user selects a record. Can I prevent the GridView SelectedValue from changing, when a user starts a search?

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I didn't understood ver well, is this helping you?


Enable this on GridView

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Can't believe it took 4 days to get such a simple answer after all. It works perfectly. Thanks! I was searching on persisting the SelectedValue thats why I never got to the enable 'PersistedSelection' property.. – Erik Dekker Nov 30 '11 at 18:24

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