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I am rather looking for database table schema pertaining to user registration/user account details that you people have found

  • perfectly designed

  • can extend it

  • can work independently and

  • has some industry best practices.

btw: how do i make this a community wiki question

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I would look towards the .NET Membership API database design, even if you're not using .NET or SQL Server. It includes a lot of the "base" objects that are convenient and necessary for user management.

You'll either have to install the .NET framework or "pluck" out the SQL script files to create the objects.

For reference on how to get these SQL scripts, scroll down this article to Step 2 on where to find these files.

They provide a great base for membership handling.

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well put there. That does seem like good design – Deeptechtons Nov 26 '11 at 17:57

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