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I have some problems getting the align to work in my latex table, here's an example:

x <- matrix(round(runif(6*3)*10, 2), ncol=6)
x[1, 2] <- -round(x[1, 2], 0)
x[3, 3] <- -round(x[1, 2], 1)
x[3, 5] <- round(x[1, 2], 1)

ci1 <- apply(x[,2:3], 1, FUN=function(x){
        ret <- paste(min(x), "-", max(x))
ci2 <- apply(x[,5:6], 1, FUN=function(x){
        ret <- paste(min(x), "-", max(x))

x <- cbind(x[,1], ci1, x[,4], ci2)
colnames(x) <- c("A", "interval", "B", "interval")
rownames(x) <- sapply(letters[1:3], FUN=function(x){ return(paste("Var_", x, sep=""))})

latex(x, file="", align="rcrc", rowlabel.just="r", 
      cgroup = c("First", "Second"), 
      n.cgroup = c(2, 2),
      rgroup=c("Grup A and B", "Group C"), 
      n.rgroup=c(2, NROW(x) - 2), 

This produces:

% latex.default(x, file = "", align = "rcrc", rowlabel.just = "r",      cgroup = c("First", "Second"), n.cgroup = c(2, 2), rgroup = c("Grup A and B",          "Group C"), n.rgroup = c(2, NROW(x) - 2), ctable = T) 
\ctable[ label=x, pos=!tbp, ]{rllcll} {} {\FL\multicolumn{1}{c}{\bfseries x}&
\multicolumn{2}{c}{\bfseries First}&
\multicolumn{1}{c}{\bfseries }&
\multicolumn{2}{c}{\bfseries Second}
\NN \cline{2-3} \cline{5-6}
{\bfseries Grup A and B}&&&&&\NN
Var_a&2.66&-9 - 9.45&&0.62&4.98 - 6.87\NN
Var_b&3.72&2.02 - 6.61&&2.06&3.84 - 7.18\NN
{\bfseries Group C}&&&&&\NN
Var_c&5.73&8.98 - 9&&1.77&-9 - 9.92\NN

The error is here:

\ctable[ label=x, pos=!tbp, ]{rllcll}

I want rllcll to be rrccrc but it doesn't do that. I have tried all possible alternatives for the aling and halign parameter. It's a little annoying to be doing this by hand...

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Here is the way to do it. The main changes to the code is to use col.just = c('r', 'c', 'r', 'c') instead of align. Moreover, your row names have underscores, which will cause latex to throw an error. So use latexTranslate to escape your underscores and prevent error

latex(x, file="", col.just = strsplit("rcrc", "")[[1]], rowlabel.just="r", 
  cgroup = c("First", "Second"), n.cgroup = c(2, 2),
  rgroup = c("Grup A and B", "Group C"), n.rgroup=c(2, NROW(x) - 2), 
  booktabs = T, rowname = latexTranslate(rownames(x)))

enter image description here

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Note that the numbers aren’t formatted correctly. – Konrad Rudolph Nov 26 '11 at 19:07
i pasted the wrong code (in fact the original one used by the OP. i have corrected it now. the latex code shows \begin{tabular}{rrccrc} – Ramnath Nov 26 '11 at 19:13
The formatting of the numbers is still wrong. Note for instance the wrong minus sign and the spacing. I’m also pretty certain that the “x” (and possibly the group names) should be formatted as variable names. – Konrad Rudolph Nov 26 '11 at 19:14
well. i will leave it to the OP to specify clearly what he wants. from the post, it appears that he wants to replace {rllcll} with {rrccrc}, which is what this accomplishes. so unless the OP clarifies what he wants, we can all make our own guesses. – Ramnath Nov 26 '11 at 19:17
Thanks! I can't believe col.just was so hard to find. I went through the manual once again: "... format.df (e.g., col.just and other formatting options like dec, rdec, and cdec)". Unbelievable, tables are after all one of the main purpose with LaTeX in R and wanting to align them doesn't seem like an uncommon thing to do... Regarding the "x" you just need to specify the rowlabel="My variables" and I actually had the _ on purpose but in my real script I use the latextTranslate() as you suggest on both rows and columns. And thanks for the booktabs=T tip, it looks much nicer. – Max Gordon Nov 27 '11 at 7:37

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