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I am trying to get the Kohana PHP Framework to work on my localhost using xampp on windows, the problem is: PCRE UTF-8 PCRE has not been compiled with UTF-8 support.

Can Anyone help me how to do this on windows?

Thank you.

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Someone reported (and solved) this problem on Kohana forums. He's running Kohana on Linux though. In summary, he installed the latest PCRE with enabled UTF-8 support then recompiled PHP.

You can get a Windows version of PCRE with UTF-8 support here and build PHP using this guide.

(Sorry, I can't post comments yet: what's your XAMPP version, btw? I'm also running Kohana (3.2) on it but didn't encounter this problem.)

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Hey, thanks for your help, the solution was really simple and I feel stupid: I downloaded the install.php in ASCII ... that way it reported me that UTF-8 was not supported because obviously the test had to fail in ASCII. The solution was to convert the install.php to UTF-8 – rootman Dec 1 '11 at 16:15

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