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Am getting two errors in my model implementation file, which I have commented out. Can you explain what's wrong and how to fix it?

Thank you.


#import "CalculatorBrain.h"

@interface CalculatorBrain()
@property (nonatomic, strong)NSMutableArray *operandStack; 


@implementation CalculatorBrain

@synthesize operandStack = _operandStack;

- (NSMutableArray *)operandStack
     if (!_operandStack) {
    _operandStack = [[NSMutableArray alloc]init];
    return _operandStack;

 - (void)setOperandStack:(NSMutableArray *)anArray
    _operandStack = anArray;

- (void)pushOperand:(double)operand
    [NSNumber *operandObject = [NSNumber numberWithDouble:operand]; // Expected     identifier
     [self.operandStack addObject:operandObject]; /* Use of undeclared identifier     'operandObject' */

- (double)popOperand
         NSNumber *operandObject = [self.operandStack lastObject];
         return [operandObject doubleValue];

 - (double)performOperation:(NSString *)operation
    double result = 0;

    if ([operation isEqualToString:@"+"]) {
        result = [self popOperand] + [self popOperand];
    } else if ([@"*" isEqualToString:operation]) {
        result = [self popOperand] * [self popOperand];
    } else if ([operation isEqualToString:"-"]) {
        double subtrahend = [self popOperand];
        result = [self popOperand] - subtrahend;
    } else if ([operation isEqualToString:@"/"]) {
        double divisor = [self popOperand];
        if (divisor) result = [self popOperand] / divisor;

     [self pushOperand:result];

     return result;

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You have a stray [:

[NSNumber *operandObject = [NSNumber numberWithDouble:operand]; 
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Thank you, that fixed it! – pdenlinger Nov 26 '11 at 19:49

You have an extra '[' here:

[NSNumber *operandObject = [NSNumber numberWithDouble:operand];

should be :

NSNumber *operandObject = [NSNumber numberWithDouble:operand];
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As the people before me already noted, you have an extra [ floating around. Also, what's the reason of you both using @synthesize and implementing the getter and setter for the operandStack variable?

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Using @synthesize and then implementing the getter and setter for operandStack was done as an exercise. (This exercise is part of the Stanford Fall 2011 course on iPhone programming.) – pdenlinger Nov 27 '11 at 19:22

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