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It seems that the method render :update is not supported anymore in Rails 3.1, now I'm checking what the best way is to change this code :

def create
  @address = @current_user.addresses.build(params[:address])
  respond_to do |accepts|
    accepts.html {
      flash[:notice] = t(:"notices.address.created")
      redirect_to :back
    accepts.js {
      flash[:notice] = t(:"notices.address.created")
      render :update do |page|

I just need to do a redirect :back when the action is succesful, but for the moment he just try to render the update partial.

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In the meanwhile I fixed it with making a back.js.erb file that contains window.location = "<%=escape_javascript(request.env['HTTP_REFERER']) %>"; and in my controller I do then render :back –  SteenhouwerD Nov 28 '11 at 8:51

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render :js => "window.location = #{escape_javascript(request.env['HTTP_REFERER'])}"
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