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Let's say I'm defining some cases to match, where I care only about verifying an argument:

BytecodeChains.partial {
    case CallProperty(name, args) if name == someConstant => xxx
} ....

where the function signature is:

BytecodeChains.partial[A] (f: PartialFunction[AbstractOp, A]): ...

How can I return the whole matched CallProperty object? I could create a new one, but that's a bit ugly. Is there some way to reference the original in place of xxx?

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case xxx @ CallProperty(name, args) if name == someConstant => xxx

You can also do this btw:

case xxx @ CallProperty(`someConstant`, args) => xxx
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Is this what you are looking for?

case c @ CallProperty(name, args) if name == someConstant => c
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