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I have text box and what happens is that the user will click on a button and a string will be generated and displayed in the text box. I need to use a text box as that I can use the "name" attribute for posting, but I do not really need the box, so what I really want to know is how in css can I not display the box? I won't be able to use hidden because then user won't be able to see the text.

Thank you

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Huh? So you want to hide the border and background of the box so only the text is visible? – animuson Nov 26 '11 at 19:57
Do you mean you want to hide the text box border/container but still display the contents? – Sir Crispalot Nov 26 '11 at 19:57
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You can remove the border and make the background color of the textbox transparent (or to whatever color your page is).

   border: none;
   background-color: transparent;
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<input name="example" style="border: none;">

and if you want to use simple span instead of input box:

<span id="example"> </span>

and JS code to change its contents:

document.getElementById('example').innerHTML = 'test';
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