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I found in http://www.nirsoft.net several browsers' cache viewers. My question relates to only Opera that I wish to learn what apis, functions or methods were used to decode tmp content (opera cache files) into URLs ? I am thankful if you could help, please explain something..

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Opera documents its file formats here: opera.com/docs/operafiles/#opfileform –  millimoose Nov 26 '11 at 21:09

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This seems to work pretty nicely for me:

strings .opera/cache/dcache4.url | egrep -o '(https?|ftp)://.*$'

Returns 1944 urls on separate lines for me. If you look at the output of strings you'll find that it looks pretty easy to find out which .tmp file under .opera/cache is related to which url too.


  • strings is a UNIX utility in binutils; the source code is pretty simple and can be found here among other places
  • egrep just matches a regular expression against the strings; System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match would do exactly the sam from C#
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Opera publicly documents the file format used by the cache file, which should help. (If it doesn't, say so (and why!), and I can push to get the documentation improved!)

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