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I have created Qt GUI in Qt Designer and compiled it (using puic4) to gui.pm. Now, I'd like to use it in my Perl application, but I'm stuck because I don't know how to create window object.

I have following code in start.pl:

use strict;
use QtCore4;
use QtGui4;
use gui; #compiled gui ('Ui_MainWindow' package)

my $a = Qt::Application(\@ARGV);
my $w = ??? #assign window object to $w

exit $a->exec();

I just need to create window object, but I can't find any example written in perl. Anyone can help me?

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Pretend that I don't know about QTDesigner , which example from http://search.cpan.org/dist/Qt/MANIFEST would you follow? I think , you pick one of the .ui examples, run the makefile (or by hand), and then you have a module you can call (ie my $w = my $chat = ChatMainWindow(); ).

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