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I am currently in the process of creating a Onscreen keyboard. I am handling the button click using routedcommands. The issue is that when i click on the button in keyboard panel the focus shifts to the button rather than on the Textbox. The requirement states that a cursor should always appear in the text box to indicate the position where the next character will be inserted. Is there a way i can keep focus on the textbox while button is clicked.

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I had to use this to get my desired result

FocusManager.SetFocusedElement(this, UserNameautoCompleteBox);

Key key = Key.Enter;                    // Key to send
var target = Keyboard.FocusedElement;    // Target element
RoutedEvent routedEvent = Keyboard.KeyDownEvent; // Event to send

    new KeyEventArgs(
        key) { RoutedEvent = routedEvent }
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Get the reference for the specific control(in that case TextBox). After click, in Button_Click method paste this:

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for me, Just Just Just it works. Thanks... –  a d Jul 18 '14 at 4:39

The way I solved this problem was to set focusable=false to all the buttons/controls on the keyboard. That way you don't lose focused of the current control.

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this will focus on the textbox

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Your problem can be solved by using a separate focus scope for your "keyboard". Just apply the following property to the control that contains all of your buttons and then they will be in a separate focus scope and will not have the focus set to them when clicked

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I like these do-my-homework-for-me questions; "the requirement states"...priceless. For those who find this via Google, the trick to progmatically moving the cursor in a WPF TextBox is to use the SelectioNStart property.

private void Button_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    textBox.SelectionStart = textName.Text.Length;
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This is not a "do-my-homework-for-me" question. It is a "I am doing my homework, but I am stuck, can somebody give me some pointers" question. –  Jacques Bosch Dec 13 '10 at 5:55

To set logical focus to an input control

FocusManager.SetFocusedElement(this, textboxJack);     // set logical focus

To set keyboard focus to an input control

Keyboard.Focus(textboxJill);                             // set keyboard focus

To know the difference between logical and keyboard focus

Input Overview - Focus on MSDN

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