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I am trying to nest a datalist(twitter) inside a tabpanel in sencha touch, but it doesn't load when i add this in. Not sure whats preventing it from loading.I am sure this is possible though. ANy help on this would be great

var timeline = viewport.textDetails = new Ext.Component({
    cls: 'timeline',

    scroll: 'vertical',
    tpl: [
        '<tpl for=".">',
        '<div class="tweet">',
        '<div class="avatar"><img src="{profile_image_url}" /></div>',
        '<div class="tweet-content">',

var panel = new Ext.TabPanel({
    fullscreen: true,
    items: [timeline]

var reader = Ext.util.JSONP.request({
    url: '',
    callbackKey: 'callback',
    params: {
        q: ',test'
    callback: function (data) {
        data = data.results;
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Change true to false and it works fine

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