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I would like to extend a sharepoint site hosted by Network solutions by creating a new list type. I'd like to develop a custom List using Visual Studio (VS 2008, SP 2007). I can get the functionality I want to work on my local machine. My problem is as follows:

Building a project in Visual Studio net results in a WSP file. I don't have console access. Can I upload schema.xml to a hosted solution? I don't see in Sharepoint Designer where I could upload the schema.

If I can't upload the custom list, what can I do in SharePoint designer to extend lists. I need additional data held on a calendar/appointment.

Will this work in a hosted environment? Do I need to get a VPS to make this work?

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Not with SharePoint 2007. Your hosting provider may do this for you - you will have to ask them - but its often a real large process as they really don't want to have to support custom stuff.

If you were using SharePoint 2010 then "Sandbox Solutions" are a way of deploying .wsp's with a restricted set of features that limit the resources that can be used and if enabled can be deployed without admin access.

Developing, Deploying, and Monitoring Sandboxed Solutions in SharePoint 2010

MSDN - Create a Custom Field, Content Type, List Definition, and List Instance

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As I expected. Thanks for confirming. – Andrew Nov 29 '11 at 17:07

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