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what I have tried so far here :

I have a problem with my pause and play replacing and reverting

  1. How can I have the .pause hidden on page load
  2. when .play is clicked replace the element with the .pause element
  3. when .pause is clicked revert to .play element
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You could do something like this:

 var obj = $('object')
     .wrap('<div id="test"></div>')
     .find('embed').attr('src', function(i,s){return s+'&enablejsapi=1&version=3'}).end()
     .find('param[name=movie]').attr('value', function(i,v){return v+'&enablejsapi=1&version=3'}).end()



$(".play").click(function () {

$(".pause").click(function () {
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You can find the correction here :

You can remove the two last "click" functions.

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