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The following description is a simple example with questions and answers. But the logic of my site is similar.

Lets say tables are:

USERS table: USER_ID, etc

The questions will be available to be answered by users for few hours. Every question has the same 3 choices for answers YES/NO/DEPENDS.

Noone knows the answer(even admin) before some time passes. In the meantime USERS can choose their response which is stored to RESPONSES table.

After some time I will manually add to mysql table the CORRECT_RESPONSE and mark the question as AVAILABLE="NO". So users can't answer this question anymore.

Then I want to automatically check users' RESPONSE_VALUE for each question(ID) that isn't AVAILABLE to see if they chose correct or not. And then add them points for every correct answer.

I made another table called Profile that stores Userid , category of questions, how many answered, how many were correct, timeperiod and how many points got for that category of questions. I do this in order to get statistics faster for every user on every category etc.

So after I "mark" a question as finished(AVAILABLE="NO") and I have submitted the CORRECT_RESPONSE what is the best way to check for users' correct RESPONSE_VALUEs and then update the profile table?

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To add on to what Galen said you would then want to add a variable

 $num_correct++; while looping through the query
        update PROFILE SET Number_OF_CORRECT = $num_correct WHERE USER_ID=responses.user_id
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Loop through the users and run these queries:

Get total questions answered

select responses.question_id from responses where responses.user_id=USER_ID

Get amount of correct answers

select responses.question_id from responses where responses.user_id=USER_ID and responses.question_id = questions.question_id and responses.response_value=questions.correct_response


I'm assuming you have an admin interface of some sort. I would just add a button "Correct Answers" that runs the code to correct all the answers. If you dont have an admin interface the easiest way would be to put a single script in a protected folder that would run the corrections.

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Thanks for the Answer. Maybe I wasn't clear. I don't mean a specific query but what method to use. Cronjob, Triggers etc. And how exactly to do it? (I've never used those before) –  heav3n Nov 26 '11 at 23:03
@heav3n - check my edits –  Galen Nov 26 '11 at 23:14
Yes I have an admin panel. So for example you suggest, when I add the CORRECT_RESPONSE and mark a Question as finished, to run this code too, right? So no need for cron jobs,triggers etc? –  heav3n Nov 26 '11 at 23:24
yes, if you can you should incorporate the code into your admin panel for whenever a question is marked as finished. if not possible a separate script would do. no cron/triggers needed. –  Galen Nov 26 '11 at 23:30
Ok and I want this to update profile of every user –  heav3n Nov 26 '11 at 23:34

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