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I am using qemu-0.14, as a part of marss cycle-accurate simulator http://marss86.org/~marss86/index.php/Home.

When I use delvm for deleting a snapshot, it corrupts the whole image. After it, the image no longer boots.

Is there a solution to it (a patch or a recent version that solves it). Please let me know. I tried to ask on qemu-forum, but could not get a reply.

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A user from qemu provided the following answer:

Please try if commit 35d7ace7 fixes it. The 0.15.0 release contains this fix. (The fix is about loadvm, but you probably used that, too)

If it doesn't help, please describe in more details what you do between image creation and the visible corruption. You can use 'qemu-img check' in order to detect corruption as early as possible.

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