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A follow up on this question - if I have two python shells running in emacs, how can I designate which shell commands from each python script buffer is sent to? I suspect it has something to do with python-buffer and python-set-proc but setting these variables to the name of the shell is apparently not the solution.

Edit: actually since I am using python-mode rather than loveshack python, it probably does not have to do with python-buffer and python-set-proc.

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In any Python buffer, you can use the variable py-which-bufname to control which Python shell your code gets sent to when executing it. The variable is buffer-local, so in order to set it to a custom value you'll need to change it from within the buffer by pressing M-: and entering the following

(setq py-which-bufname "My-Custom-Bufname")

This also makes it easy to quickly create new process buffers: If you set py-which-bufname to a name for which there is no corresponding process buffer, you can just issue C-c ! to quickly create one.


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Case closed! Thanks - this is exactly what I needed. – crippledlambda Mar 7 '12 at 15:12

You can set a new value to python-buffer.

(defun my-python-set-proc (buffer-name)
  (interactive "B")
  (setf python-buffer (get-buffer buffer-name))

And then M-xmy-python-set-procRET*Python*RET, or M-xmy-python-set-procRET*Python*<2>RET.

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Thanks - it was my mistake that I suggested python-buffer and python-set-proc as they appear to be relevant variables for loveshack python rather than python-mode. – crippledlambda Nov 30 '11 at 21:05

py-shell-name sets the default, which might be overwritten by command

Should the buffer code contain a shebang specifying pythonVERSION , than this takes precedence over default setting.

You may enforce executing buffer through specific pythonVERSION by calling a command of class py-execute-buffer-pythonVERSION

See menu PyExec, entry Execute buffer ...

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