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I have a problem with macro in notepad++

Just needs to have value automatically changed to +1 (from current value)

So the values should be like this 1000, 1001, 1002, 1003 and so on for the coming values between the MEDIA_ID tags..


I have no idea how do this..

Could anyone help?


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What's the usage? You need to do this regularly? A one-off need? You could definitely do this using PythonScript and FingerText; but to what extent is it needed? Do inserts in the middle of the list need to adjust lower entries or are they always at the bottom and always sorted? –  Thell Oct 14 '12 at 23:47

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If you can align the tags vertically then you might be able to use the Column Editor to do the numbering. Say you format the XML like this:


Now, place your cursor betweeen the start and end tags of MEDIA_ID. Choose Column Editor... from the Edit menu (ALT+C keyboard shortcut). Change the radio button to Number to Insert with a starting value of 1001 incrementing by 1 (Decimal). Confirm using the OK button. You should end up with this:


Sadly, it seems that this operations cannot be used in a macro. But maybe it helps.

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1) Generate the list of numbers from 1000 to the number you want using excel and copy this into notepad++.

2) Go to the start of the file.

3) Start the macro recorder.

4) type <MEDIA>(down arrow)(HOME button)<MEDIA_ID>(END button)</MEDIA>(down arrow)(HOME button)</MEDIA>(down arrow)(HOME button)

5) repeat this macro as many times as needed.

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