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Basically I'm trying stack a record (1 record is 2 string variables, and there's 3 of them but I'd like to stack at least 1 for the time being). I'm thinking the setup would like something like this for my algorithm:

Client: Values are given to strings in record, procedures for stack are called (ie, push, pop, display) Package: Record is declared, items are pushed/popped onto stack, display stack.

I'm having trouble in general. I tried keeping it all local. It does open the file and read in the strings (tried it out reading in an integer value, works fine), this I have tested in the client program using a similar setup (instead of a record I stored it to a string of length 40). However when I'd go to output it all I'd get is a bunch of random symbols (such as ╤cß≈Ä), no words like the file contained.

Here are my code fragments:

Package spec:

StackMaximum: constant integer := 10;
   TYPE StackItem IS Record
str1: string (1..20);
str2: string (1..20);
 end record;

   type Stack is PRIVATE

    PROCEDURE Push (Item: IN StackItem; AStack: IN OUT Stack);
    PROCEDURE display (AStack : in Stack);

Package body:

procedure Push (Item: in StackItem;
            AStack: in out Stack) is
 if AStack.Top < StackMaximum then
     AStack.Top := AStack.Top + 1;
     AStack.Store(AStack.Top) := Item;
     raise StackOverflow;
 end if;
END Push;

    procedure display(AStack: in stack) is

     FOR I IN 1..AStack.Top LOOP
     END LOOP;
  END display;

    type int_arry is array (1..StackMaximum) of StackItem;
    type Stack is record
        Store: int_arry;
        Top: integer range 0..StackMaximum;


Lt:           Integer;
New_Stack2:    Stack;
A:            StackItem;
Stackitems:   Ada.Text_IO.File_Type;

   Get_Line(File => Stackitems, Item => A.str1, Last => Lt);
   Get_Line(File => Stackitems, Item => A.str2, Last => Lt);

   Push(A, New_Stack1);

File (Only contains "This..var."):

This is the test input for the file var.

Any suggestions for what I'm doing wrong with this part? Also here's my other setup where I kept it all local:


Lt:           Integer;
AB:           String(1..40);
New_Stack2:    Stack;
A:            StackItem;
Stackitems:   Ada.Text_IO.File_Type;


   Get_Line(File => Stackitems, Item => AB, Last => Lt);

   Put(item=> AB);


This is what got me all those symbols. But it is reading in the file, I just have no idea why I'm getting the bad output.

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What is the encoding of your input file? – trashgod Nov 27 '11 at 1:39
filename: info2.dat – Lance Nov 27 '11 at 1:57
That's the file name; try changing the content to 8-bit ASCII text. – trashgod Nov 27 '11 at 2:00
It has to be in that format. The file was made in Ada GIDE if that's any help. – Lance Nov 27 '11 at 4:16

Perhaps in your definition of type Stack you should initialize Top to 0?

type Stack is record
   Store: int_arry;
   Top: Integer range 0 .. StackMaximum := 0;
end record;;
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If you use Get (or Get_Line) on something that might be shorter than the variable was defined, you have to store the length.

You already use the variable Lt for this. Now you have to limit the variable in your Put call: Put(item => AB(1 .. Lt));

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