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I need to import 3D models of each building in New York City into the Google Earth API. I fetched their .kmz files using google.earth.fetchKml. Since this command uses the URL of the kmz files and the number of files to imported is a lot it is very slow.

Is there any way I can fetch these files from my local disk?

Are there other formats I can use instead of .kmz? For example .dae files?

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You cannot use a local file (non http) url to fetch your KML data.

But you could run a local webserver and use that.

For example, if you have python installed you could go to your directory with your KML files and run "python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000", at which point pointing to http://localhost:8000/myfile.kml would load them up.

That said you should also note that the terms of use for the plugin require your site be publicly available, amongst other things - so hopefully you are only using this setup for local testing :)

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