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I'm using window.setInterval, and it must have to be able to access a method that is defined in a "class", but since setInterval is in a scope separate from the method it was defined in, this resolves to window instead of the desired instance of Game. What code can I use to get the desired behaviour of calling Game.update instead of window.update?

(That looks kind of confusing. Maybe the following incorrect code can clear things up a bit.)

game = function () {
    /* ... */
    this.update = function () {
        /* ... */
    this.interval = window.setInterval(this.update /* !!! */, 50);
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This can be done without a JS framework.

var game = function() {
  this.update = function() { }
  var that = this;
  setInterval(function() {
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You need to Bind the method to the object.

See for an example of usage, and a drop-in script to bring bind() support to older browsers.

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