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I'm having trouble with a function is not being called when compiled in release mode, it works fine in debug mode and release mode when no optimization are applied. Anyone knows why it does that? I'm using Visual C++ Express 2010.

void CShader::SetUniforms(const GLuint NumUniforms, const LPUNIFORM Uniforms)
    if(!m_HasUniforms || !Uniforms)

    for(GLuint i = 0; i < NumUniforms; i++)
        SetUniformData(i, Uniforms[i].Size, Uniforms[i].NumValues, Uniforms[i].Value);

As you can see it should call SetUniformData(...) NumUniforms times, however in release mode it just doesn't call it :s. I can't even put a breakpoint inside SetUniformData, it just tells me there's no executable code.

SetUniformData() function looks like this:

void CShader::SetUniformData(const GLuint UniformIndex, const GLuint Size, const UINT NumValues, const GLvoid* Data)
    case sizeof(float):
        glUniform1fv(m_UniformLocations[UniformIndex], NumValues, (GLfloat*)Data);

    case sizeof(Vector2f):
        glUniform2fv(m_UniformLocations[UniformIndex], NumValues, (GLfloat*)Data);

    case sizeof(Vector3f):
        glUniform3fv(m_UniformLocations[UniformIndex], NumValues, (GLfloat*)Data);

    case sizeof(Vector4f):
        glUniform4fv(m_UniformLocations[UniformIndex], NumValues, (GLfloat*)Data);

    case sizeof(Matrix33f):
        glUniformMatrix3fv(m_UniformLocations[UniformIndex], NumValues, GL_FALSE, (GLfloat*)Data);

    case sizeof(Matrix44f):
        glUniformMatrix4fv(m_UniformLocations[UniformIndex], NumValues, GL_FALSE, (GLfloat*)Data);

    default: break;
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What do you mean "it doesn't call" the function? Do you mean that the effects of the function are not observed? Do you mean that your breakpoint is not hit? The function may not exist at runtime due to all sorts of optimizations, especially not in a form that remotely resembles the source code. –  James McNellis Nov 27 '11 at 5:23
maybe you could write out the value of NumUniforms to a file when running in release mode, to see if it really is != 0 and the other parameters too. –  CyberSpock Nov 27 '11 at 5:28
Try disassembling CShader::SetUniformData compiled in debug and release modes. –  n.m. Nov 27 '11 at 6:35
@n.m. Can't disassemble it when in release mode it says: "Dissassembly cannot be displayed for the source location. There is no executable code at this location in the source code" however it works fine to disassemble in debug :s. –  Traxmate Nov 27 '11 at 14:26
@AndersK. I've printed NumUniforms using stringstream then print using messagebox and it's not 0. –  Traxmate Nov 27 '11 at 14:27

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