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I am building a small embedded web server application utilizing the HttpListener class. When I serve MP3 (audio/mpeg) documents to Chrome (and other players), often times a handful of requests are fired off, containing Range: headers. I assume this is to support seeking of the media.

I do not wish to support range requests in my application. Is it possible to put the HttpListener into a mode where it returns HTTP/1.0 for the protocol, so that user agents will not bother with subsequent range requests?

Alternatively, is there a proper response I can send, indicating to the client that I will not honor a range request?

Edit: I just tried the Accept-Ranges: none headers (as defined by the RFC), but the browser made a request with a range header anyway. Perhaps there is another way?

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It seems that most clients ignore Accept-Ranges: none when the server says that it support http 1.1 .

You can set the http version to 1.0 in your HttpListenerResponse by

response.ProtocolVersion = new Version("1.0");
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Perfect, thanks! I'll award the bounty in 22 hours, when I am able. –  Brad Feb 5 '12 at 21:54
@Brad glad I could help. you are welcome :-) –  Yahia Feb 5 '12 at 21:55
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