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If I set up a break point and if GDB hits the break points, then it shows the line of the code. If I enter n or next, then GDB prints out the next line of the code.

I was wondering if there is a way I can trace the actual line of code being executed through GDB.

For example, if I enter n or next 100 times then I will get traces of 100 lines of code. I want to do this automatically not by entering n or next.

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Note that collecting next trace like you appear to desire is exceedingly unlikely to help you debug actual problem in any realistically sized program: most of the time programs spend in loops, and executing next repeatedly will just give you a never-ending stream of loop repetitions.

That said, you can achieve what you want like this:

(gdb) shell perl -e 'print "n\n" x 100' > gdb.cmd
(gdb) source gdb.cmd
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put a breakpoint 100 lines from your current position and continue the execution

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How will that collect a trace of next 100 lines executed? –  Employed Russian Nov 27 '11 at 6:42

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