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I'm pretty new to Shopify, and trying to get things working on the web in general, and am having some problems making some changes to the Minimo theme. I'm hoping to get some help with:

  1. Due to what I'm selling (wine) and where (Oz), I have to place a disclaimer on the homepage "Won't sell booze to <18, etc". I figure I'll place this above the cart and am worried about ruining the entire theme, as I recently did using Wordpress. My question is, which .liquid file, and where, does the code go and what is it? Also, I'm assuming I'll have to input something into a .css file as well. Yes, I'm that bad!

  2. On the 'Products' page, there's a header that reads, 'Products'. Duh. Which .liquid file is this in? I need to change it and just can't seem to find it.

  3. And, now for an easier one, as I'm assuming I've just missed an adjustment tool on the editor, how, on the 'Products' page, do you reorganise the product collection?. I've seen how to do this for the items displayed on the front page but can't seem to find it for the 'Products' page.

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It would be helpful to see the site you are talking about.

  1. Your theme is usually located in theme.liquid, and that's under Layouts. This controls how all pages are displayed. But if you just want to change the home page, that's index.liquid, and that's under Templates. Your css (stylesheet) is usually named stylesheet.css.liquid, and that's under Assets. I can't give you the exact code to use because I don't know how and where you want the disclaimer displayed. But you could wrap it as follows:

    <span class="disclaimer">Won't sell booze to minors (under 18)</span>

    Then in your css file you could create a rule:

    span.disclaimer { styling goes here }

  2. Your listing of products is probably collection.liquid. An individual product is displayed using product.liquid. These are both under Templates.

  3. Products are displayed in collections the same way they appear in the admin area, under Collections. If you go into one, you can see a few choices next to "Reorder this collection".

Hope this helps.

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