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I want to delay 5 seconds in between response of ajax callback.

     checkSucess = function() {

    // Jquery Ajax with url,params and response
        'first=' + first,
       function(response) {

        var status = checkSucess(response,'X');

                 // I want to  delay 5 seconds with this code before next  checkSucess() function is called. 

                $('#SlideShow').html('<img id="SlideShows" src="images/loadingAnimation.gif">').delay(5000);

                // End block.

        var status = checkSucess(response,'O');


   return response;

Delay is not working according to needed.Image is not showing.How can solve it.

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Use setTimeout:


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If setTimeOut is used I want to create a new function and pass response to it . But It will give an error 'response is not defined'.How I will solve this? –  Justin John Nov 27 '11 at 8:45
I think you're confused because you don't get to sit in JavaScript for 5 seconds synchronously, blocking the web page from running. You need to define a function that you can run by itself. Then schedule when it will run and let it be called when the scheduler says it's time. –  xaxxon Nov 27 '11 at 9:50

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