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I have an XNA4 wndow set up and was wondering if I could get it to accept drag+drop actions, what I envision is someone grabs a jpeg and drags it into the window, upon release of the mouse an event is fired off with a string pointing to the jpeg.

Is this doable and if so how?

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First, here is a link to a tutorial on doing this with a windows form:


and here is a link to a post about doing just this (answer is past a few posts saying that it's impossible):


finally here is some code for ease of access (you need a reference to the System.Windows.Forms namespace):

protected override void Initialize()
    Form gameForm = (Form)Form.FromHandle(Window.Handle);
    gameForm.AllowDrop = true;
    gameForm.DragEnter += new DragEventHandler(gameForm_DragEnter);
    gameForm.DragDrop += new DragEventHandler(gameForm_DragDrop);

Also, it seems it's possible to run a game inside a Form control as of XNA 2

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