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How to denying all access to specific table of SQL server 2008 except select?

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Probably the four easiest ways are:

  • You can set the user account / group to have db_datareader and db_denydatawriter.
  • You could allow the user to only have access to Views.
  • You could grant the user select only access.
  • You could grant the user only execute access to Stored Procedures.
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I can't make the user db_datareader as he should be able to modify other tables. I added table to securable for user and provided select access but he is able to modify table :( . What I did finally was to manually deny all access except select,control and view definition. I left the contrl and view definition unchecked but checked (grant) select permission. –  kinkajou Nov 27 '11 at 8:52

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