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Good day. I have a problem with links in my application. I want to use 'pretty-urls',so i want to all my links look like ''. So i want to print my all my links through one function,which would look like

function link($url_segments) {
     return BASE_URL.$url_segments;
     return BASE_URL."index.php".$url_segments;

But i can't understand how to detect if server has rewrite module enabled. I have found 2 solutions:

  1. Place in config some variable(like codeigniter does) like $config["index_variable"] to use inside my function,but that means that all my clients will need to change that line in config when installing application on hosting
  2. Use function to detect mod_rewrite,like apache_get_modules,but like i understood it can be not avaibale on some hosting,and what if server will be nginx?

So i want to know,how to detect that and print my links.

Thanks everyone for help.

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Can you just provide the .htaccess to your clients so that, when you upload the files, it turns the rewrite mod on?

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This is frequently done. I suppose it's expected that those using non-Apache servers will have to adapt the rules to their server of choice. – David Z Nov 28 '11 at 0:07

This can be very tricky and hard, personally, I would go with the fallback approach.

  1. Look at apache2handler's loaded modules (via phpinfo()) to see if mod_rewrite is there
  2. Try sudo apache2ctl -t -D DUMP_MODULES to see if mod_rewrite is loaded
  3. Try to use a .htaccess file to see if everything is working.
  4. Try to determine the server software used, and parse the conf file for the server
  5. Use worst case of no mod_rewrite is enabled, and then enable it manually after the software has been installed.
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Wow,so fast answers. Thanks,i decided that it is too complicated. Pretty urls in general are used for search engine optimization,so i think in backend i will use links like index.php?url=controller/method,and in settings will be option 'Use pretty urls for frontend if you are sure that rewrite_module is enabled'. Something like that. ) – Andrej Prokopenko Nov 27 '11 at 10:52

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