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I’m wondering how I would get started tackling a local social networking program. I want to work on a local wireless network communication system.

For instance, if you were to be stuck in a disaster center after a flood, with no wifi, you could use everyone's laptops to communicate locally over wifi in a message board.

So where should I start researching to build small, local networks over wifi? And probably about building message boards too.

I know c++, css, html, and am of course open to learning a new language or two for this.

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The simplest way is to install an IRC server on a server reachable in your small network. Another option is to leverage some peer-to-peer strategy, that avoid the needing of having a central server, and may be they full fill better the scenario you described. I'm thinking about the old gnutella protocol as a starting point.I'm not aware of specific peer to peer chat well estabilished protocol, I suggest to do some research in that direction too.

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That looks like just what I'm after, thanks for the jumping off point. I'll edit the question once I find out a bit more. –  CornSmith Nov 28 '11 at 5:00

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